Our Mussels

Sustainable Aquaculture grown in the Bay, Victoria, Australia.

You can purchase our mussels at:
Bay Sea Farms Pty Ltd
21 Bennetts Road Mornington, VIC 3145
T: +613 5976 3155

Bay Sea Farms is an industry leader and is one of the largest mussel producers in Australia.

It is committed to best practice methods for growing and harvesting the highest quality mussels, and proud to share its excellent Australian produce with its customers.

  • Bay Sea Farms’ hatchery at Queenscliff produces the world’s best quality spat – the seed stock for its Mt Martha
  • A consistent supply allows Bay Sea Farms to control the timing of the farming process to produce young, fast-grown mussels, with a clean appearance and a superb fresh taste.
  • Mussels are always harvested early in the morning, and Bay Sea Farms is vigilant in maintaining a consistent cold chain – absolutely vital to providing a premium seafood product.
  • Boat crews, harvesting and processing activities are all managed directly by Bay Sea Farms.

One business with one goal:

To produce consistently high quality mussels, using responsible and sustainable practices.


The Queenscliff Shellfish Hatchery

Mussel harvesting relies on a good spawning season for wild mussel populations.

One of the main problems faced by Victorian mussel farmers is the lack of wild juvenile mussels, also known as spat. The spatfall can vary greatly from year to year due to many factors, most of which are unknown. The only way farmers can guarantee a constant and plentiful supply is to produce their own. Bay Sea Farms did just that.

To ensure consistent quality and perfectly sized mussels, Bay Sea Farms, in collaboration with the Department of Primary Industries, established the Queenscliff Shellfish Hatchery (Victorian Shellfish Hatchery Pty Ltd). This leading facility has developed a breeding program that produces a reliable supply of spat for mussel farms.

Bay Sea Farms then transfers the spat from the hatchery to ropes at sea, where the juvenile mussels are left to feed and grow naturally for between 12 and 18 months until they reach market size.

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