native flat angasi oysters

Angasi oysters

Peter News

After a brief hiatus Bay Sea Farms is now back in the production of the native flat oyster-Ostrea Angasi. Although the production of these oysters is still very much in the R & D phase we believe that after the current trials of a number of new cultivation methods we will be able to produce a consistent supply of a very high quality oyster.

These oysters are bred at our Queenscliff hatchery which also supplies a large volume of angasi oyster spat for reef restoration projects in Port Phillip Bay to the Nature Conservancy Group who also undertake large restoration projects around the World. The angasi oyster being native to the Mt Martha and Port Phillip Bay area grows very well here, but we will continue to experiment with different husbandry techniques which will suit our sub-tidal growing conditions. The challenge continues on the growing side but also the marketing side with the oyster being relatively unknown in Australia. Bay Sea Farms looks forward to our continuing relationship with our wholesalers in particular Richmond Oysters in marketing this new product.